Friday, June 28, 2013

Mickey Rodent

Monster #: 1,928

What Is It: A beloved corporate mascot.

What Does It Want: To entertain children everywhere!

Why: Why not?

No, Seriously, Why: Because he feeds on the souls of happy children.

Oh That Makes Sense: Thought it would.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Monster #: 8,593

What Is It: A big, goofy-looking monster.

What Does It Want: To go on vacation in Hawaii.

Well, It Looks Like He Made It: Yep.

Is He Happy, I Can't Really Tell: We have no idea.

I Want Him To Be Happy: Me too.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Goony Bird

Monster #: 34,565

What Is It: A bird. We think.

What Does It Want: Uh, we're not sure.

What's It Looking At: We're not so sure about that either.

You Guys Are Slacking Off: Shut up... I'm trying to catch up on "Breaking Bad."

That's A Good Show: I know, right!!?

Friday, June 21, 2013


Monster #: 67,243

What Is It: A really big centipede.

What Does It Want: To crawl all other you.

Why: 'cuz it's creepy.

I'm Not Afraid of Bugs: Trust me pal, once you see this thing in person, you'll change your mind pretty quick.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two Years of Monsters

Hey folks, sorry for the lack of monsters recently. I've been super busy lately (storyboard tests, job interviews, etc) and monsters unfortunately fell by the wayside

But now we're back! And this month this blog celebrated it's two-year anniversary!

I talked a little bit about the origins of the blog in this one-year anniversary post and not a whole lot has changed since then. I still produce these things pretty fast as I'm trying to tap into my subconscious. I think it's really fun to discover the monster as I draw it.

What has changed over the year is how experimental the monsters have become as I've really started playing around with different mediums and materials. I now create monsters in Illustrator and Flash as well as Photoshop and I try to use as many different dry media brushes as possible. I really like texture so any opportunity to make the stuff I create digitally look more tactile is fine by me.

I'm still learning how to be a better artist and I'm really happy this blog has managed to gain something of an audience. Ultimately, I want to entertain and I hope all of you are having a good time.

Here's to another year of monsters!

Best wishes,

Here are some of my favorite monsters from the last year:

The Happy Bear

 The Lelps